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I have heard of this angle of reasoning several times. I have read elsewhere that some religious people called the man-on-top position as the ‘missionary position’ since it was the position which us humans are supposed to use when making love. Any other sexual position is frowned upon. If that is true, than what a about all the other sexual activities which people engage in are they really considered perversions?So what then constitutes perversion? Some say that it something which isn’t normal, something which has no redeeming value, something which is done even though it is of no use. My goodness, if that is the case, why bother hitting on sex alone. There are so many things which man does which is not constructive at all, but still we humans do it because we are entertained by it. Life is to be lived and I do not find anything wrong with entertaining onesself as long as one doesn’t hurt anyone else. With sex with two consenting adults what then is the problem with doing what they want.

For me, the whole idea is ridiculous. To show you how ridiculous I find it, just take a look at food. Food was meant primarily for sustaining us, entertainment is secondary. Sex was meant primarily for procreation, entertainment is secondary. If people can cook good meals, add seasoning and add artificial coloring to entertain themselves even when the resulting food has no additional nutritional value, then why can’t we treat sex the same way.

To show you how much ‘perverted’ food is in comparison to sex, people now can’t even recognize where there food comes from. Is a tomato a vegetable or a plant? Worse yet, where does chocolate come from. And how about food coloring. Why is banana catsup color red and not yellow, another ‘perversion’. This ‘perverted’ food is not only entertaining us but is causing our deaths from wrong usage/consumption. I have heard from people travelling abroad that in some countries a sizeable percentage of people are obese, not only fat but obese. Some articles suggest that this country is losing it’s competitive edge since a sizeble amount of their tax is now going to healthcare. Obesity as well as other diseases are preventable diseases. These diseases are not due to your genes but due to your lack of discipline to eat what is right.

Are you complaining that a lot of people are dying from HIV? How about the number of people dying from ‘sedentary lifestyles’ Check out the article “Sedentary lifestyle causes more deaths than smoking, says study“. The website (www.newstarget.com) where that article comes from has so many more articles which explain how a wrong diet and lack of exercise cause disease or even death.

Let’s say we meet 4 people in the afterlife, one obese, one a smoker, another a drinker, and the last a sexually liberated man. They all die early from their vises, imagine what each would say. The obese man would say that he wouild pig out everyday, that’s why he died early. The smoker would say that he would smoke two packs a day, drunkard would say that he would get drink a bottle of scotch everyday, and the last one, the sexually liberated man would say that he would go to bed with a different woman every night. Who do you think lived a happier life.

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Sleep More to Lose Weight!

And you thought that you’ll get fat from sleeping?


People who reported getting less than seven hours of sleep a night were more likely to be obese on initial evaluation. The study also showed that they were also more likely to develop obesity during follow-up.

Participants who slept five hours per night were 73% more likely to become obese than those getting seven to nine nightly hours of sleep, say Columbia University professor of medicine Steven Heymsfield, and James Gangwisch, PhD.

Even one hour of sleep can make a difference.

People getting six hours of sleep per night were 27% more likely to become obese than those getting seven to nine hours.

The lightest sleepers — those with only two to four hours of sleep per night — were 67% more likely to become obese than people who slept for seven to nine hours.

Ever since I’ve hit 40, I’ve been surfing the internet on so many health articles. I had always assumed that sleeping will make me gain weight so I was surprised to see the following. I’ve also asked my friends who seemed fat and I’ve noticed truth to the idea that a lot of overweight people do lack sleep. I’ve also noticed that the once who lack sleep are not only overweight, but they also have their weight in the wrong places. I think (I am not a doctor though) that aside from lack of sleep making you hungry, the lack of sleep also makes your body inefficient in processing and mobilizing fat stores.

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