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And I thought I was weird, check this out. There are actually people who are into polyamory, that is having several serious committed relationships. It’s not cheating since the people in the relationship know that it isn’t a monogamous relationship.


Subject:  2). What’s polyamory, then?

(Glad you asked that. 😉 ) Polyamory means “loving more than one”.  This love may be sexual, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof, according to the desires and agreements of the individuals involved, but you needn’t wear yourself out trying to figure out ways to fit fondness for apple pie, or filial piety, or a passion for the Saint Paul Saints baseball club into it. “Polyamorous” is also used as a descriptive term by people who are open to more than one relationship even if they are not currently involved in more than one. (Heck, some are involved in less than one.)  Some people think the definition is a bit loose, but it’s got to be fairly roomy to fit the wide range of poly arrangements out there.

Subject:  3). But isn’t that “cheating”?



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