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This excerpt from Zeitgeist Addendum illustrates the ideological fallacy that is the democracy that can exist within a monetary system.

Politics is only the top-level visibility of the manipulative system put in place to consolidate resources in the hands of the elite.

Considering the emerging goof that is the Republican ticket (i.e. Beauty Queen – Cancer Survivor tandem), the idea of politics being a farce meant to entertain the masses is not too far-fetched.

The film continues to present that more than politics, religion, and money–the real panacea for humanity’s ills is: technology. Technology is solely responsible for humanity’s hyper-development over history.

Check out the full movie Zeitgeist Addendum here.

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Very real (albeit comical) fears coming from the actor who played Jason Bourne on-screen:

I really want to know if she thinks dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,000 years ago… because she’s gonna have the nuclear codes.

It’s surreal for Americans to be voicing these fears of absurd leaders, coming from a country that has had its share of lameduck presidents and politicians (my own biased assessment).

Time to revisit an article on leadership posted not so long ago. I mentioned previously that true leadership may emerge during times of crisis, when organizations break down. This is truly a crisis time for the United States–but that begs the question indeed.

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This is already common knowledge by this time:

The parody is highlighted because it is actually very close to real life–some of it literal.

Maybe the Republican goofs are a set-up–for the Democrats to win. It’s a set-up! It has to be!

Here’s more life imitating art:

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