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I have heard about this bill being discussed here in the Philippines for a long time. It is only now when I actually got to read it. For a backgrounder for non-Filipinos, our country is quite conservative in relation to the rest of the world, possibly due to our Roman Catholicism. Our country is one of the very few where divorce is not allowed. Instead we have annulment which is very tedious and very costly as well.

As for birth control, our country basically is against abortion but quite open to other forms of birth control. The problem though is that sometimes in very rural areas, this technology has not been properly propagated. I heard of some stories about the innocence of some Filipino’s after even being taught birth control by the use of a condom. When some people went to a certain rural area, the people there were taught on how to use the condom, but since a real penis could not be fitted with a condom to be used an example, the lecturer had used his finger instead. After a few months, the lecturer was surprised to find out that there were still a lot of women being pregnant. The lecturer wondered why and found out that instead of fitting the condom on the husband’s penis the people had fitted the condom on their finger.



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Pete wrote a good piece in criticism to Zeitgeist Addendum‘s proposal for a resource-based economy, and the movie’s own critique of the failings of the current fiat monetary system.

See that article here. An interesting portion on morality of money:

No system is ever moral (or immoral) – only people are. Our current fiat monetary system is based on a governmental controlled banking cartel but it is not certainly the only option available (see e.g. free banking and Free Choice of Currencies). It is far stretched leap to state that no system will work because our current one is at fault. Money is only a tool, an objective means to ends, in itself it is a neutral carrier like energy that can be utilised to constructive or destructive purposes. (see Francisco’s Money Speech)

To which I offerred my own comments (also viewable in the above article), specifically this portion: (more…)

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They say money is a perfect way of keeping score on life. Every year, Forbes magazine publishes that score for people to see, and in recent years–this list has been segmented by region (as the total list is pretty much dominated by American billionaires).

Financemanila writes:

The list of 40 takes the booby prize among the region’s rich. As a group, wealthy Filipinos are actually the poorest, when compared to their brethren in Indonesia, Malayasia, Singapore and Thailand. They had the smallest total net worth, $16 billion; fewest number of billionaires, just three; and lowest minimum net worth, a mere $25 million


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