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Like him or loathe him, last night CNN’s Glenn Beck became the only mainstream media source thus far to address on national TV the reality of the situation Americans are facing with the manufactured financial implosion – the direct threat of domestic martial law and a global financial dictatorship.

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Is God Above the Law?

This is a post i found in a ‘Pinoyexchange’ website.

bold is mine


God the Father through His one and only Begotten Son Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit solely and singularly created this Universe for His own good pleasure and will.

As such, God owns and possesses this Universe that we live in. He is its sole owner and possessor.

Being such, God has all the rights of possession and ownership regarding us and this Universe that we live in. These rights of ownership and possession are, among others, the right to destroy and the right to dispose of. These rights are inherent in creation, ownership, and possession.

As such, God in His sovereign and absolute power can even wipe out our existence and this Universe, and we can not complain about that, He being the sole owner and possessor of us and this Universe, He being our sole Creator.


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Is this moral? Is it even legal?


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