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Let us also note the other coercive provisions in this bill:

Section 21, number 5, requires doctors and health workers to dispense such abortifacients and other artificial contraceptive devices and methods. If they refuse to do so on religious grounds, they must still refer those who want to use such abortifacients to another person who will dispense them. Conscientious objectors are thereby required to cooperate in such acts, and if they refuse, they are slapped penalties ranging from one to six months imprisonment and a fine of P10,000-P50,000! HB 5043 eliminates any choice for conscientious objectors and makes no room for their legitimate concerns.”

If your religion is Jehovah’s Witness and you as a nurse was asked to give a blood transfusion to a patient. Would it be right for you to refuse it on religious grounds? 


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