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Here’s an excerpt from a speech given by Ms. Robina Gokongwei-Pe to the students of the UP School of Economics. Interesting insights on business, economics, and life as a Chinese-Filipino and entrepreneur in the Philippines:

The first theory is the ubiquitous law of supply and demand. The reason I failed to graduate from UP was that I was kidnapped on the way to school in September 1981, and guess what, right on the day I was supposed to take Prof. Canlas’ exams. 


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Tony Lopez wrote a piece for the Manila Times recently, which I requote below. On first read you’ll realize that the title “The Philippines Is Not That Poor” is misleading because this isn’t what Lopez is talking about, but more of: “Filipinos Are Still Happy Despite Being Poor”.

Add to this is his bewildering misuse of context (e.g. Filipinos texting, American bankrupcy) and his mixing of per capita and total GDP statistics to give the article some weight.

No doubt this “feel-good” article about poverty was written with the best of intentions, but I cannot fully shake the feeling that the writer was being intellectually dishonest about it.

Judge for yourself:

By Tony Lopez
The Philippines is not that poor

I was a reactor the other day to the Jaime V. Ongpin Memorial Lecture of poverty expert Dr. Arsenio Balicasan at the Ateneo at Rockwell. Here is the first part of my reaction:


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