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Ran across a couple of interesting articles on an online forum, both highlighting an attack on Christians by “gay activists”. The newsbites are quite graphic. Here’s the first article.

Hundreds of homosexual activists rushed out of bars and swarmed a group of Christians who were singing songs in San Francisco’s Castro District – and some even threatened to kill the worshippers.

A group of Christians had been singing and praying in the “gay” district for several days, but they never expected an angry mob would run them out. However, that’s what happened Friday night.

Another article, just as graphic:

Worshippers at a Bible-teaching church in Lansing, Mich., were stunned Sunday when members of a pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back interrupted their service to fling propaganda and condoms around the sanctuary, drape a profane banner from the balcony and feature two lesbians making out at the pulpit.

Of course, the veracity of the events notwithstanding, what immediately throws one off are the subtle references to Obama in both articles: (more…)

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Like the story of Chrysler in the 70s, Nelson Schwartz’s article on the New York Times is an appropriate history lesson for these times:

PARIS — A faltering auto giant whose brands are synonymous with the open road. Hundreds of thousands of unionized workers with powerful political backers. An urgent plea for the government to write a virtual blank check.

This is not the story of Ford and General Motors, but British Leyland, a car company that went through £11 billion of inflation-adjusted British taxpayer money, or $16.5 billion, in the ’70s and ’80s before going out of business. All that is left of the company now are memories of cars like the Triumph, and a painful lesson in the limited effectiveness of bailouts.

The British Leyland bailout remains the classic example of a futile government intervention. The tight cooperation between governments and automakers on the Continent has produced happier results.

The full article here.

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Chances of a Big Three bailout dim. Europe doesn’t like the idea of the bailout and might complain to the WTO. Nissan invents a new catalytic converter.

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Ron Paul interviewed by CNN’s Jane Velez on the stigma and implications of the bailouts on the table now: Big 3 automakers.

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Paulson will now use half of rescue plan for consumer loans; Paulson reverses course on rescue, drops bank asset purchases; Paulson scraps plan to buy troubled bank assets; Lawmakers, economists differ on bailout for car makers;

Where do we draw the line?

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After the bailout of the mortgage firms and big banks, the large US automakers are now asking for Uncle Sam’s assistance in the news yesterday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Detroit’s Big Three automakers pleaded with a reluctant Congress Tuesday for a $25 billion lifeline to save the once-proud titans of U.S. industry, pointedly warning of a national economic catastrophe should they collapse.

Millions of layoffs would follow their demise, they said, as damaging effects rippled across an already-faltering economy.

But Paulson and many in the US apparat are opposed to this: (more…)

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The Critical Thinker(tm) at Blogged

We’ve been reviewed by Blogged and given a GREAT rating. Not bad for a 4-month old blog!

Issues may change, topics come and go, and fighting ignorance may go in and out of fashion–but critical thinking never goes out of style.

Thanks to all readers and writers for making this small spot of reason and rationality continue to thrive!

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