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“Meth Mountain” is Marshall County in northern Alabama–which was the focus of an A&E documentary about methamphetamine (i.e. “crystal meth”) addiction recently.

From the A&E episode website:

Some of the Meth Mountain residents we meet include Chuck, who may lose custody of his children because of his addiction; Boo, a long-time meth user who’s 58 but looks more like 80; Shanta, who admits to using meth while she was pregnant; and Dr. Mary Holley, an obstetrician whose meth-addicted brother committed suicide and who is now on a mission to clean up Meth Mountain.

From the documentary, the prevalence and impact of meth has been devastating to this Alabama community and the story of residents is both a interesting look and cautionary tale about the effects of recreational drug abuse.


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Just taking the time out to carve a congratulatory post for our boxing hero.

Manny’s quips are far from eloquent, but they capture the truth succinctly: he demolished Oscar dela Hoya.

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