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Traditionally, Christians believe that a virgin gave birth to the salvation of mankind from sin. Now connect the dots and there might actually be a scientific basis for it.

First, the initial context: December being the traditional month of the greatest story ever told (i.e. the nativity), there is a very recent survey result released in the UK which measures the prevalence of belief in the religious story of Jesus being born of a virgin, Mary.

It’s a survey released by theology research company, Theos:

In the poll carried out by ComRes on behalf of Theos, 34 per cent of people agreed that the statement “Jesus was born to a virgin called Mary” was historically accurate, while only 32 per cent said they believed it was fictional.

We won’t get into any of the long-standing debate about whether the story is historically factual or not, but let’s proceed with the scientific basis of a “virgin birth” which is parthenogenesis. The chart illustration below from Tech Banyan will illustrate clearly the differences between a traditional fertilization from sexual reproduction, and the asexual reproduction through parthenogenesis: (more…)

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