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Another memoir is exposed as a hoax.  What drove me to re-read the websites is what is said during his interview after he was exposed. 

He said:


“It wasn’t a lie,” he said during a taped segment aired Wednesday. “It was my imagination, and in my mind, I believed it. Even now, I believe it.”

I have attended several study groups on spirituality for the past few years. It seems that that line of his is very similar to the one I sometimes here when skeptics question the idea of God or some other topics which require faith. When pressed for answers sometimes the faithful will resort to lines such as. “That is my truth and it is true since it is true to me.”  Just like Rosenblat redefining the definition of  “lie”, some of the faithful try to redefine the word “truth”.  Are you allowed to lie in order to give others hope? And is it healthy to be deluded in order to have hope?

In the same webpage it states:
that he has no regrets and would tell the story again given another chance.
Now that is bothersome. If the faithful would have that motto, this world would be based on a lot of lies, and they would still assume they were true. Atheist Richard Dawkins has been quite forceful in his talks, that he is after the truth and would want to expose untrue ideas which are being presented as true.

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In Zimbabwe, where money has been reduced to worthless paper due to hyperinflation, citizens are forced to panning for gold to pay for bread to stave off hunger.

Hyperinflation is an economic phenomenon, the root of which can be complex–but generally blamed on an increase in money supply, which consequently reduces the value of the money in stock. In Zimbabwe, as of 2008, the inflation rate is estimated at 516,000,000,000,000,000,000% (516 quintillion).

The sordid history of how great increases in money supply led to hyperinflation is chronicled in the wiki entry for Hyperinflation In Zimbabwe, which started with the government printing new currency to pay off international debts in 2006.

We previously featured Glenn Beck’s hockey stick presentation of potential US inflation. Are the US and European bailouts simply another Zimbabwe?

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