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In this interesting talk from TED, technologist and scientist Juan Enriquez begins with a quote straight from today’s financial crisis:

The key to managing crises…
Is to keep an eye on the long term…
While you’re dancing in the flames.

– Sir Philip Hampton, Chairman
Royal Bank of Scotland

Are you sick of the financial crisis? See any end in sight? Apart from all the discussions on philosophy and ethics we’ve posted lately, Enriquez, points to technology as the next step. A reboot of humanity so to speak.

He begins with a short discussion of the largest issues facing the global economy now, namely leverage, stimulus, and inflation. However, these problems only set the stage for a most compelling argument for technology–and how it can bring about the next step in human and societal evolution. From artificial intelligence, to intelligent microbes, to stem cell research, and finally to robotics, Enriquez lays out the ground work for the future of humanity.

If you liked this, check out Ray Kurzweil’s talk on technology and a short clip on the speed of information we posted before.

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