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The Katrina Halili vs. Hayden Kho Case

Here there shall be no confetti bursting over links to their sex videos, the highly publicized that shook the senate in recent months, but while the news has amassed a huge following, we’ve since been distracted by other parades such as the anti-charter change movement.  Meanwhile, there have been new developments.  Hayden Kho is now called the Philippine version of Edwin Chen, the multi-talented Chinese-Canadian celebrity based in Hong Kong who was involved in a sex scandal last year involving scandalous sex photographs widely circulated.  The Katrina-Hayden sex videos have been re-packaged in DVDs to include nude photographs as well as other sex videos in Hayden’s collection with other women, and sold abroad unwarranted.   While Filipinos perhaps relieved themselves through the spreading of jokes, there remain the disturbing implications of this bedlam:

  • We’ve been exposed to the new social epidemic of private moments being visually publicized, leaking through our mobile phones, being posted on youtube or forwarded to us through email.
  • The urgent sense of no permanent and absolute eradication of these videos from the memory of our hard drives as a consequence of technological advancement and other people’s rights to their privacy where copies can be stored.
  • That a person can be sold through a video without royalties whatsoever.
  • Exploitation is subjective.  Exploitation is relative.  We can claim exploitation depending on the cause behind the claim.
  • Victimization in a case like this is considered to be more experienced by a female than a male for a large part in the Philippine macho culture as well as the Philippine-Chinese macho culture, hence more efforts to nip the buds leading to Katrina’s suffering than Hayden’s, when they most likely have been suffering from something prior to all this.  We’ve heard it before – it takes two to tango.  If corrections are made lopsidedly as this translates to societal awareness and best practices, let’s just say, there may be much struggle if what Hayden represents remains unaffected.
  • We all know how it is when things go out of control in our lives, when shit hits the fan that for some does not show any signs of halting from its spin.

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