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Nirvana: after destroying the source of all sorrow within oneself, and having gained the ability to metabolize “light” or a higher frequency of existence to receive it comfortably, bliss is experienced, liberation is attained. A certain lifestyle follows while here on earth, and what gains respect from most of the community is a type of ascetism.


Upaya: It may be an illusion, a delusion, or deceptive, but one is comfortable after having developed the ability to metabolize a chosen life as it is, without avoidance of the usual gross matters that ascetics do away with. Upaya places great emphasis on rules not necessarily having to be followed, at the same time not necessarily having to be broken, and thus an intense type of alertness and discernment are required.


Grasping the essence of these concepts is important because humans go through almost the same challenges in normal life, especially modern living.



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