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Given the example of patients and doctors and prescriptions, freedom of choice becomes an oxymoron when choices are given to individuals who are not trained or prepared to make an intelligent decision. Whilst Dan Ariely talked about irrational decision making, Barry Schwartz illustrates how having choices end up limiting individuals rather than empowering them.


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Doing a reprise of Nikola Tesla, MIT engineer Eric Giler demonstrates how electricity can be transmitted wirelessly through magenetic fields. The concept is safe, portable, and commercially viable. The applications for wireless power are immense.

We featured Tesla’s work on Electricity before as well as his flying machine concept.

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Are we truly in control of our decisions? Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist, illustrates how flawed our intuition can become sometimes. Often our decisions are dictated not by our cognition, but by the availability of options given to us. This flaw can lead us into making some surprisingly stupid decisions.

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Orgasm Deconstructed

Quoting decades of research, from Kinsey to Masters and Johnson, Mary Roach provides a very funny yet straightforward look at sexual climaxes. She cites 10 amazing claims about orgasms and shares a few surprising insights on human sexuality.

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