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There are some common practices I’ve learned to ignore about karma when I could be otherwise annoyed. I have relatives who consider “death” a bad karma. Hello? You must be out of your mind, relative. When a neighbor they disagreed with experienced the death of a beloved, they secretly gloat about this bad karma that the neighbor received. While I find this a bit hauntingly coo-coo, other times too funny, indeed the “secret cause” to many things is mortality, as Joseph Campbell puts it, that death is considered too bad. Although I may not feel good about somebody’s death or suffering, I maintain that karma is neither good or bad, and, technically, we are living the stream and flow of our karma, whether or not eventful, every nanosecond of our lives.

Karma has its many layers. If it takes a process for an individual to decipher his or her own thoughts, emotions and unknowns in the shadowy corners of their so-called “subconscious,” how much more the karma of another? Let’s be very realistic about this. There’s wishful thinking that somebody is going through terrible times because of a karma with some amount of gloating added to that, but that doesn’t mean that this person is actually going through terrible times for the reasons the gloater is assuming.

Therefore, unless I’m in a self-improvement discussion with friends and counsellors, I don’t mind other people’s karmas. I don’t mind other people’s business. I have my own life and that’s enough already.

Featured here are Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer Plato’s Atlantis collection for 2010, an outrageous way of looking forward to next year, considering that the Philippines is going through a series of typhoons, some of which having characteristics that haven’t been experienced in a lifetime by a lot of its inhabitants nor witnessed by our weather experts. Much as I’d love to live the day to experience 2010, the recent disasters called Typhoon Ondoy followed up by Typhoon Pepeng in the country made me contemplate again on how transient my residence here on this planet.

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