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~ Lou Hamburger


Sustainability in the money systems, is there such a thing?  I believe so.  But not until we are drained from the pomposity, the high mightiness and delusions of thinking we’ve got what we’ve got; not until we realize it costs us happiness, ours and those of many generations to come; and not until we realize we are unknowingly the main character in The Emperor’s New Clothes.  There’s no telling us humans what to do a lot of times. 


A good friend of mine from Humanity’s Team Philippines sent me Mr. Lou Hamburger’s webpage, founder of Transparent, a non-profit group of social spiritual organizations. Humburger is also a participant of Humanity’s Team in The Netherlands where my friend stayed a long time.  These days Hamburger is running for the city council elections in Amsterdam, hoping to infuse his ideals into the community.


Please visit the webpage to view the video.


In promoting his book, Yesterday’s Leaders, he writes the following:


 After nine years of preparations, I published my first book and website, right on time.

The book describes five dangerous endgames; each one of them could lead to a global big bang before 2020. One of these endgames revolves around the current credit crisis.

The website provides a way out: an umbrella community that helps interested individuals and organizations to transform to a more peaceful and sustainable system and to shield us off from these endgames.

For more information, please watch the 3 minute trailer on my website: www.louhamburger.com.

Preserving Tomorrow By Leading Today,
Lou Hamburger


“Yesterday’s Leaders” describes in 239 pages five end games that are currently being played on the world stage. Each of them can easily bring the current world order to a sudden end. The author believes that this big bang will take place before 2020. Maybe even around 2012.

“Yesterday’s Leaders” gives a revealing and shocking insight in what takes place behind the scenes of the playing fields of our leaders. He comes to the conclusion that we can no longer stop these end games. The big bang is therefore inevitable but there is a way out. We can prepare ourselves by building a blueprint for an alternative world order and a safety net to survive this big bang.

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