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Admittedly this blogger’s been out of the matrix ever since the weather disturbance last september. Whilst this blogger has in fact started writing again, the loss of his house, room, books, and especially his HSDPA-powered laptop was an obstacle to my reentering the blogosphere for extended periods. Nonetheless, technology would find a solution in the form of a Blackberry smartphone. The trend has been around for sometime and we have in fact blogged about it briefly–but more on the touchscreen interface rather than the smartphone functionalities themselves.

So anyway, this blogger’s detached state was recently remedied via a smartphone–and suddenly from no contact, he was instantly plunged into a flurry of contact: SMS now complemented by instant access to BBM, YM, Twitter, and 4 email addresses vying for attention, instant updates from Time, Bloomberg, Reuters, even access to previously dormant stock and forex accounts. Inadvertently (and pitifully) this blogger was suddenly plunged back in the matrix. This blogger once considered himself an internet denizen–now he is a data whore. (And perhaps only lucky that he hasn’t bitten into the facebook world that constantly beckons especially now in his sorry plugged state.)

The smartphone has connected this blogger in more ways than his HSDPA-laptop never could, and with data in velocities approaching insane. A recent survey of mobile apps used by smartphone users shows the trend only continues to expand: smartphones are placing private info, music, street maps, radio, and video literally at the users’ fingertips–and this blogger is helplessly in awe of it all.

More and more data at this blogger’s fingertips–but admittedly less and less thinking. The fact that this blogger has reactivated his Twitter and is on YM 24/7 indicates that he is already succumbing to the soundbite or snippet mentality–this preternatural urge to compress experience into 150 characters or less. Smartphones are not dumbing us down as much as they are capping our ability to think deeply. More data, less information. More access, less knowledge.

Although writing this blog via Blackberry was not as much a chore as this blogger originally thought (hyperlinks and all), this blogger finds it therapeutic to say the least–that somehow even within the smartphone world there is room to write more and longer. The sad truth is, this post will mostly go unnoticed, especially amongst smartphone readers. Snippet-puppets have no patience for a paragraph, for text, for a blogger’s futile attempt to vent slightly.

But at least for the price of one useless post, this blogger has been able to relive his brief past as a proper internet denizen, since evidently snippets do not a poetic blogger make.

This blogger now lurks, albeit not as happily, within the matrix, flittering along with the snippets of the internet smartphone universe. And unlike the hapless blogger of September, there may no longer be any escape, regardless of the weather.

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