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Already a trending topic on Twitter and Google, Chris Nolan’s latest film: Inception has the movie-going community abuzz.

The film’s subject is the subconscious and dreams, but feels closer to a hacker-movie like Matrix or the manufactured reality film Dark City. These two movies were admittedly part of Nolan’s inspiration, and Inception carries a similar theme–about how reality is merely a function of our senses.

The film also talks about the power of an idea–and likens it to a virus (the major plot arch is the protagonist’s quest to plant an idea in someone’s subconscious). Again this sounds like hacker-speak, but also close to the concept of an internet meme.

The open-ended finale of the film is generating a small cult controversy with critics mostly positive of the movie (currently 85% at Rotten Tomatoes), however there are a few calling the execution and plot superfluous and pretentious. Meanwhile, fans of Nolan from Memento and the last two Batman films will not be disappointed.

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The death penalty doesn’t seem to be a matter of morality in this world but more a matter of geography. It depends – on where you are.  Some people don’t feel reclusion perpetua (life imprisonment) is enough for some crimes, and about all that I like about it is that it  gives a chance for innocents to be saved from the more irreversible process that is the death penalty. Otherwise, keeping a live being in a cage for too long is prolonging agonies and costly.  Death could be a relief.  And yet, it may not be deserved. 

Of course, this all sounds like a shocking topic for somebody like me to mull over, but nowhere in my credos, spiritual books and psychological researches is abuse condoned or healthy.  Abuse is lack of self love.  That’s why I recommend that when we discuss these matters, keep your loved ones close in your minds. 

Manila Mayor Lito Atienza was hawking over the rape-slay case of Candice Castro, a pretty banker who lived in a condo in Malate, Manila, that put Bebs Reyes in the top 10 list of Most Wanted in 2004.  Atienza’s words were, “The murderers are without respect to humanity, no words can fit to describe how the victim was killed. Let none of the murderers remain free.” 

Thanks, Mayor. 

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