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Life After Death

And just to close the earlier topics of heaven and hell, I found this story from one of my beloved authors, Anthony de Mello:

All questions at the public meeting that day were about life beyond the grave. The Master only laughed and did not give a single answer. To his disciples, who demanded to know the reason for his evasiveness, he later said, “Have you observed that it is precisely those who do not know what to do with this life who want another life that will last forever”?

“But is there life after death or is there not”? persisted a disciple.

“Is there life before death? — that is the question”! said the Master enigmatically.

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After seeing the stick, meet the carrot.

Here is another version from some experts:

I was viewing these with a kind of weary incredulity. As we are unable to define heaven except in terms of our own human experience, then why bother asking?

Although I like what the guy said about being able to paint with far greater skill in heaven, and have all sorts of abilities as well. If I ever want to learn Photoshop or nuclear physics, I know where to go.

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