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Sagan’s opening line captures the flavor of this wonderful episode very succinctly:

There are two ways to view the stars: as they really are, and as we might wish them to be.

In this 3rd instalment of Carl Sagan’s popular series, he probes into beliefs about stars and the science of astronomy that developed after. He also looks at prevailing scientific models about the earth and the solar system (e.g. earth-centric) and how this had changed going into modern times.

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Carl Sagan explains the common roots of the science of Astronomy and the art of Astrology–and why astrology remains within the realm of pseudo-science and superstition.

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Michael Shermer sets up scenarios to challenge and measure Vedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong’s ability to read people. Although by no means exhaustive, the results are very interesting.

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In a previous documentary, Richard Dawkins examined organized faiths such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, their roots, and their congregations.

In a second instalament, Dawkins turns his critical eye on organized superstitions such as astrology, psychics, new age, and sprituality.

These ideas greatly influence modern society and sway people against rational thought.

Check out Dawkins’ further journey here.

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