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I finally got a video of the bus campaign. In this video we even see Richard Dawkins, the author of  “The God Delusion”.

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Earlier, we had an article on buses in Britain advertising atheism


Now, it seems that advertising using buses have now gained ground in several countries.




Around the world, atheists hit road to knock down GodAFP/File – An artists impression of a London bus with the slogan ‘There’s probably no God. Stop worrying …

LONDON (AFP) – An atheist drive to persuade people that God doesn’t exist is catching on in a surprising fashion — on the sides of buses in a growing number of countries around the world.

With the concise message “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,” the campaign took to the road in Britain this month, while similar drives are underway or planned in SpainItaly,Canada and Australia.

Atheists in Italy and Spain, however, have had more success with their attempts.

Buses with a similar slogan to the Atheist Bus Campaign’s message, translated into Catalan, began appearing on two routes in Barcelona on Monday, with plans to extend the campaign to the rest of the country.

In Italy, meanwhile, buses with the slogan “The bad news is that God does not exist. The good news is that we do not need him” will begin traversing the northern Italian city of Genoa on February 4.

Here in Britain, apart from opposition from religious groups, some atheists are unhappy with the inclusion of the word “probably”, principally added so that it would adhere to British advertising rules.

Cave, though not in agreeance with the word’s inclusion, noted that the campaign is trying to make a broader point.

“I can see no evidence for God just as I can see no evidence for pineapples floating around the moon,” he said.

“I don’t say there probably aren’t any pineapples floating around the moon, I just say I know there aren’t any pineapples floating around the moon. But, it’s a piece of marketing, and I think it’s good because it makes people think.”

Now think about it really hard, which should be considered an offensive slogan (if one of them is even to be considered to be offensive at all):

1. “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”

2. “There is a God. Now start examining yourself”

Should the first one really be considered as offensive or non-offensive as the latter?

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First they had the Christian ads. Now the atheists respond.


LONDON (AFP) – About 800 buses bearing the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” set off on Britain’s roads Tuesday in an atheist campaign responding to a set of Christian ads.

The campaign, which will also see slogans plastered across London’s subway system, was paid for by more than 140,000 pounds (200,000 dollars, 150,000 euros) in public donations, the British Humanist Association said.

It was the brainchild of comedy writer Ariane Sherine, 28, who objected to the Christian adverts on some London buses that carried an Internet address warning that people who rejected God would spend eternity in “torment in hell”.

She sought five-pound donations towards a “reassuring” counter-advertisement and won support from the BHA and atheist campaigner Professor Richard Dawkins.

And guess what, it seems that atheist campaigner Professor Richard Dawkins is indeed pushing through with what he calls ‘militant atheism’. See these videos where he talked on the topic earlier.

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Does religion foster bad behavior, or does faith really strengthen society?


Why can’t we all be Japanese?

Religion fosters bad behavior

By © Martin Foreman
Word Count: 795 words
Publication date: November 13, 2005

Several weeks ago, a ground-breaking study on religious belief and social well-being was published in the Journal of Religion & Society. Comparing eighteen prosperous democracies from the US to New Zealand, author Gregory S Paul quietly demolished the myth that faith strengthens society.

Drawing on a wide range of studies to cross-match faith – measured by belief in God and acceptance of evolution – with homicide and sexual behavior, Paul found that secular societies have lower rates of violence and teenage pregnancy than societies where many people profess belief in God.


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This is new, Richard Dawkins seems to be more open to the idea of aliens than the idea of God. One idea which he said is that if modern man went back in time and met earlier men, they would have been worshiped as gods. He further added, that these modern men, would be perceived as god but are not gods since these men would of course have to undergo evolution just the same.

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Dawkins on the O’Reilly Factor

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The Hour’s George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Richard Dawkins – author of “The God Delusion”.

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