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A Zeitgeist quote is a good lead in:

They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.

– Gerald Massey

Here’s from Jason Cooper’s new post today:

What is the truth?

Who can we really trust in this apparent world (The Matrix) of deception?

Should we trust:

• The Educational System?
• The Religious Leaders?
• The Media?
• The Law?
• The Government?
• The Conspiracy Theorists?
• Or in fact, any sort of so-called authority of information and knowledge, such as the ones mentioned above, who are suppose to be the benevolent and wise leaders of truth, integrity and justice?

The next thing I’m about to say may contain more than an air of cynicism and conspiracy, but if we are to be honest with ourselves, frankly, we have been led down the garden path for most of our lives.

Unfortunately, there are powerful people out there who choose to monopolise the dissemination of knowledge and information to the masses, and who wish nothing more than to seduce our minds to the point of slumber whilst manipulating us towards submitting our will, freedom and very lives for them to do what they wish – no matter how pernicious.

In other words, through our own ignorance (which is mostly conditioned into us from childhood) we are unbeknowingly empowering them to enslave us psychologically.

Now is the time to take back this power and learn to empower ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom that can eliminate these masters of deception (aka disinformation agents), so that we can then emancipate our minds towards a joyful existence filled with integrity, truth and meaning.

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Mandatory reading for aspiring critical thinkers.

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Historically, mankind has employed four methods to acquire knowledge:

  • Authority
  • Rationalism
  • Intuition
  • Observation

Authority. When using authority, something is considered true because of tradition or some person of distinction says it is true. We may believe in the theory of eveolution because our distinguished professors tell us so, or we may believe God exists because our parents say so. This method is very biased and sometimes leads to grave error, however it is indispensible to living our daily lives. We simply must accept a large amount of information on the basis of authority, if for no other reason than we often do not have the time or the expertise to check it out firsthand. For example, I believe, on the basis of physics authorities, that electrons exist, even if I have never seen one. If the Surgeon General says smoking causes cancer, I stop smoking because I have faith in the Surgeon General and do not have time to investigate the matter personally.

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