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One of blogs I’ve recommended in the past for frequent visits is Instik Siomai’s blog. Written with a very unique point-of-view: an honest look at traditional Chinese practices, and with a feminine twist (arguably the disparaged gender especially in Chinese practice).

Her latest post includes a comment about parenthood, and comparison and contrasts between Filipino and Chinese (at least Philippine Chinese) approaches.

An excerpt:

Most people love to cuddle babies, probably because humans have insatiable appetite for affection. Adults “learn” to be embarrassed with showing and demonstrating affection. This is even worse among Chinese. Chinese are more uptight and stuck up. My parents are making it a big deal whenever they see couples hold hands in the mall. All Chinese parties I go to are so superficially staged. I would rather get a genuine hug and affection than a superficial “Angpao” from them.

Intsik Siomai’s honesty and in-your-face humor is a refreshing take on otherwise taboo topics, and her words have elicited more than passing replies (mostly of shock, sarcasm, some of outrage) from her mostly male(?) audience.

Check out her blog here.

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