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Chances of a Big Three bailout dim. Europe doesn’t like the idea of the bailout and might complain to the WTO. Nissan invents a new catalytic converter.

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Ron Paul interviewed by CNN’s Jane Velez on the stigma and implications of the bailouts on the table now: Big 3 automakers.

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Paulson will now use half of rescue plan for consumer loans; Paulson reverses course on rescue, drops bank asset purchases; Paulson scraps plan to buy troubled bank assets; Lawmakers, economists differ on bailout for car makers;

Where do we draw the line?

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After the bailout of the mortgage firms and big banks, the large US automakers are now asking for Uncle Sam’s assistance in the news yesterday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Detroit’s Big Three automakers pleaded with a reluctant Congress Tuesday for a $25 billion lifeline to save the once-proud titans of U.S. industry, pointedly warning of a national economic catastrophe should they collapse.

Millions of layoffs would follow their demise, they said, as damaging effects rippled across an already-faltering economy.

But Paulson and many in the US apparat are opposed to this: (more…)

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Saw this on Finance Manila. It’s a humorous but surprisingly accurate assessment of how the housing and mortgage bubble created the financial crisis gripping the US and the world presently. It’s also a good analysis of investor psychology and herd mentality.

The scary part is: what comes after bailout?


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Latest news is that the US government has unveiled its intention to buy about USD250B worth of bank equity–to recapitalize their banking system. This in effect, nationalizes the US banking system, and after its absorption of Federal institutions Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Indymac, and recently AIG, puts the once proudly capitalistic country closer to its European counterparts: socialist.


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The financial bailout has been disapproved just recently, contrary to what the article which I have included will say. When a better one finally does get approved (assuming any bailout will be approved), it’s best to check out this article for the events which may occur.


* See financial disclaimer at the end of this article…

1. The financial bailout will be approved

Lawmakers are privately being warned that if they do not pass this bill, the entire global financial system will collapse. Publicly, they only say we “might have a recession,” but behind closed doors, they realize the whole system is at stake. That’s why a bailout bill will ultimately be approved.

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Look what Europe has to say about the financial crisis. Is China going to replace the U.S. as a major financial superpower?


BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany blamed the United States on Thursday for spawning the global financial crisis with a blind drive for higher profits and said it would now have to accept greater market regulation and a loss of its financial superpower status.

In some of the toughest language since the crisis worsened earlier this month, German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck told parliament the financial turmoil would leave “deep marks” but was primarily an American problem.


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