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What kind of design, what kind of creative process produced the universe? How hard would it be to assemble the universe?

Using observations taken from the orbiting space instruments like the Hubble telescope, astrophysicist George Smoot speculates on the design and structure of the universe. Essentially, peering into the universe is peering into the past because of the limits of the speed of light.

From the observations, Smoot shows a model of the universe that integrates all current knowledge of matter, dark matter, galaxies, and stars, into a fascinating framework of what kind of structure the universe might have considering the big bang expansion hypothesis.

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British journalist Magnus Magnusson brings together an interesting panel: theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, astronomer Carl Sagan and science author Arthur C. Clarke. The panel tackles big questions about the origin of our universe and life and the existence of creation myths that religions pose to explain the origin of the universe. A rare talk with the great thinkers of our time.

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