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For the past weeks, Mideo Cruz and his artwork have been feverishly discussed.

I had not gone to the exhibit, but I have seen a number of pictures on the internet. Being a former Catholic, I could imagine how some of the Catholics would react. But being a spiritual atheist, such art did not bother me. I am not saying that Mideo Cruz created his exhibit to offend. In fact, in an interview, he explained his reasons for such display.

Most of the outcry has been about the phallic object placed on the works. Phalluses have been objects of devotion in many cultures; they use them as amulets, symbolic statues, etc. They might be a symbol of power and patriarchy.

If Mideo did have good intentions for the display, should the offended Catholics have the right to complain or not?

The purpose of this article is not on the Mideo’s intentions with his art. It is not even to figure out if Mideo is guilty of anything or not. What a lot of people here in the Philippines are concerned about is Mideo’s art and how it impacts the idea of “free speech” and “free expression”. While a lot of people are offended by his art, a lot of those same people also do not want to censor such expression since it might serve as a precedent and limit free expression in the future.

I am not a lawyer, but my curiosity made me read the on the internet on what possible laws may be related to free speech and expression?



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In 2007, Discovery Channel aired a controversial documentary about a lost tomb alleged to be the historical tomb of Christ. I’ve posted this fascinating film here.

The documentary was produced by James Cameron (Titanic fame), and was blasted by critics (shall I say Christian critics) as a Hollywood attempt at religious profiteering. Defamer writes:

Though derided (or celebrated, we suppose, depending on your perspective) as “archaeo-porn,” the James Cameron-produced documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which makes the kinds of whimsically blasphemous claims (you know, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, had a kid, etc etc) that so delight Christian groups already predisposed to think that televisions are devilboxes that flicker with programs broadcast directly from the thorny member of Beezelebub himself, was quietly a big hit for Discovery Channel on Sunday night. 

By the way, just for everyone’s info, The Lost Tomb adds to the ever growing list of documentaries and short films I have amassed in my blog. Check out my Image Therapy webpage for more thought-provoking videos.

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