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Got this from Daniel Florien’s Unreasonable Faith site,

The Bible has a proverb against blind faith:

 ”A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thoughts to his steps.” (Proverbs 14:15, NIV)

Don’t be a simple man who believes anything.

Don’t simply accept that the Bible was written by God because a man with a suit says so. Don’t accept an ancient rabbi was raised from the dead because it was claimed a few decades after it supposedly happened.

Don’t accept that all our languages came from God’s retribution for building a skyscraper. Don’t accept that the sun can stop in the sky with a prayer; that ax heads can float; that water can be magically turned into wine; or that the millions of species can fit inside and live on Noah’s Ark for a year.

Instead, think critically and use your head!

Thanks Daniel. I’ve added you to the blogroll.

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Atheist, evolutionist, professor Richard Dawkins embarks on a journey to plumb the depths of organized religion–from radical Islamics, to Jewish Rabbis, to Evangelicals and Fundamentalist Christians, to moderate Anglicans.

He examines the reasons why organized faiths continue to thrive in these modern times and the attack of religion against rational thought and science. He also studies how religious fanaticism can be traced and related to terrorism and human atrocities.

Join Professor Dawkins’ journey here.

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