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Hello folks.

It’s been some time since updates on the site have been done as the resident writers have been busy on their individual projects.

But little by little time is getting freed up and we should start seeing new updates very very soon.

Back to critical thinking.


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Critical Thinkers Unite!


Some of you might have noticed RSS-feed boxes appearing on the bottom of our right sidebar. These boxes will feature posts from blogs on our ever-expanding blogroll of critical thinkers. 

We will update this section often to give a good sampling of our blogroll. Check out our sidebar often for more critical insights from bloggers all over the place.

By the way, we also accept suggestions for inclusion both in our blogroll and the featured list.

Critical thinkers unite!

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An older talk on TED which I love going back to from time to time, in appreciation of the personal nature and the awesome power of blogs.

Mena Trott is the founder of leading blog software company Six Apart (Creators of Typepad, Movable Type, LiveJournal and Vox).

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