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On Malaya’s columns today, Lito Banayo writes a very angry and edgy critique of police corruption. It’s deliberately one-sided but my thought is: considering the sorry credibility of the police force, is there really anything that can balance this argument?

Dick Gordon suggested that it might be the military culture still ingrained in the now-civilianized police force. The “mistah” culture, some call it. And Versoza agreed, saying they’re still trying to be less militaristic. Frankly, that is an insult to the military establishment. Unlike the police, soldiers are not into kotong; they do not receive intelihensya from jueteng lords. They suffer deprivation while putting their lives on the line, and many do not become corrupt until they wear stars on their shoulders. The police get more practice, so that when they become generals, they become more rapacious and immoderately greedy.

Full story here.

Too bad there isn’t the equivalent of an LTO that exposes crooked cabbies in the police force.


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This excerpt from Zeitgeist Addendum illustrates the ideological fallacy that is the democracy that can exist within a monetary system.

Politics is only the top-level visibility of the manipulative system put in place to consolidate resources in the hands of the elite.

Considering the emerging goof that is the Republican ticket (i.e. Beauty Queen – Cancer Survivor tandem), the idea of politics being a farce meant to entertain the masses is not too far-fetched.

The film continues to present that more than politics, religion, and money–the real panacea for humanity’s ills is: technology. Technology is solely responsible for humanity’s hyper-development over history.

Check out the full movie Zeitgeist Addendum here.

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