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Want to shoot something miles away with an accuracy of a few feet? Try using GPS.


New Ammunition Will be Much More Effective
By MaryEllen Lamb

Excalibur Artillery.  Property of Rayethon Missile Systems.

The XM982 Extended Range Projectile has a modular design that incorporates three unique features: a GPS receiver, inertial measurement unit, and canards to steer the target, making it the most versatile artillery projectile. Photo property of Rayethon Missile Systems.

Edmonton, Alberta – The Canadian Military is getting a new round of ammunition that will help make fire missions more effective.

The 155mm XM982 Excalibur artillery projectile is a round that is guided by a Global Positioning System (GPS). By using a GPS system, it is easier to guide the explosive making it more effective in hitting its target at a closer range without hitting friendly troops.

The Excalibur round is a long range explosive, and can hit targets up to 20 kilometers away. Future versions of the round are expected to be capable of reaching 40 kilometers.


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