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This is making some noise in the Manila entertainment buzz. Filipinos demand apology for racial slurs done in a BBC show.


Seriously, any form of racism is definitely deplorable, however it is a fine line between true discrimination and entertainment. Perhaps what hits Filipinos hard is the stereotype portrayed: that of a Filipina maid, which is a very real occupation for a lot of Filipinas. Not all Filipinos are maids, but there are a lot. 

The Filipinoweb writes:

Now, I know it’s a comedy show but man, that’s just so mean. It’s way below the belt.. These Pinays work hard for their money, leaving their kids and family behind… sometimes, they get abused, tortured, some even die… their bodies returned to the Philippines in boxes. Do you think that’s funny?

In reality, the Filipina maid is just one stereotype out of hundreds that we have come accustomed to: similar to Irish drunkards, dry Brits, overpatriotic but dumb Americans, Colombian drug dealers, smelly Indians, and money-greedy Jews.

Another (albeit lighter) take on Asian stereotypes, courtesy of Russell Peters:

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