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YAKMAN wrote:
We recognize the terrible and vengeful God that’s why we do not want to antagonize him.
gejable wrote:
Let me add to this, bro, just in case some may think that’s the only reason why we believe. There are actually four, the next three, I suppose are deeper reasons why:

1. holy fear – which is quite different than fear of His wrath as you mentioned
2. reverence of His majesty
3. submission to His authority
4. dread of His wrath – this is what you mentioned above.

rickym wrote:
i don’t see anything which says that religion is rational and that’s why you believe. then why do people here even bother debating about whether god exists. you believe because you are simply afraid that’s it. in law that would be an open and shut case.

to say that you believe because of rationality would make you guilty of the “psychological defense mechanism” called “denial”. and in some cases you would even be thought to be a liar, at the very least, rationally inconsistent.

is this typical of a lot of christians, or is it only the christians in this forum? and is this an official thing or not?

so would you lie and say that your belief is due to rationality, or is it because you were under denial in the first place?

but let me say that i commend you in your honesty, knowing you are in denial is one of the first steps towards healing.

gejable you said:
“We recognize the terrible and vengeful God that’s why we do not want to antagonize him. ”

so you admit that god is not moral?

The quotation above is a discussion in an internet forum a few days ago. Theists have long been debating with atheists in two forums I go to that there is proof that God exists. Now I get to read this. Sometimes you begin to wonder whether the theists I have been debating with actually believe that God exists or just want to parrot that phrase for fear of eternal damnation.

As for the ‘psychological defense mechanism’ I mentioned. You could take a look at another blog article that I had made earlier.


Oh, and the second to the last and third to the last lines were my mistakes, it was YAKMAN that said that and not gejable.

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