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I love this quote:

science is not about consensus, it is about testing hypotheses

This was said by Australian geologist, Bob Carter, who recently did a presentation which examines the premises of man-made global warming against accumulated weather statistics and temperature changes on the earth in the past.

Carter’s research is very timely in an age when the subject of Global Warming is taken almost as gospel truth by many without first examining the premises and testing them for validity.

Philip Arrington in the Associated Press wrote a sober message in his article:

Does this mean that we are experiencing “global warming” in the fashion we keep hearing on the news? Throughout this article I have been using the phrase “warming phase” to describe current climate. I have proceeded carefully in this fashion to avoid using “global warming” to describe what’s currently happening. In my opinion “global warming” as it’s mostly used describes a stimulated warming condition caused by human activity in the form of greenhouse gas emissions by a mass population into our atmosphere. In reality although harmful to the condition of our atmosphere, animal / plant life, and air quality we simply can’t conclude that this is caused by human activities and not natural planetary cycles from such a short warming trend.

Going back to Bob Carter, his eye-opening presentation is below, which is an interesting view for those who want a more well-rounded appreciation of global warming:

(more below):


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