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In the same vein as Zeitgeist, this documentary takes a look at the sordid history of the modern financial system, from the conspiracy point of view. An excerpt from the video:

“The problem is since 1864 we’ve had a debt based banking system. All our money is based on government debt. We cannot extinguish government debt without extinguishing our money supply. That’s why talk of paying off the national debt without reforming our banking system is an impossibility. That’s why the solution does not lie in discussing the size of the national debt rather it lies in reforming our banking system.”

well what we’re about to show you is that there’s nothing federal about the Federal Reserve and there are no reserves. The name is a deception created back before the Federal Reserve Act was passed, in 1913, to make Americans think that America’s central bank operates in the publics interest. The truth is that the Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by private stockholders and run purely for their private profit.”

Like all economic theories, these are noteworthy to examine especially during market crises. Check out the video here.

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The movie, Zeitgeist, was a critique on ideas that have held us from the truth, namely religion, politics, and finance.

The third part of that movie is about the International Banking Cartels and conspiracies, and is an interesting view in light of the recent turmoil in the global financial markets:


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