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Ayn Rand, bestselling and controversial author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, and founder of the Objectivist philosophy made a rare appearance on Phil Donahue’s show in the 1970s. Rand is in her 70s during this interview, which happens shortly after her husband Frank O’ Connor’s death.

The discourse between Donahue and Rand illustrates some of the controversial insights of Objectivism, among other things: why sacrifice and altruism are evil, and rational self-interest is the highest good. Donahue also poses interesting criticisms of Rand’s view and her replies are both insightful and entertaining at the same time.

Get a taste of Ayn Rand’s view of rational self-interest from a film adaptation of Rand’s bestseller: The Fountainhead: (more…)

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Larry King interviewed Michelle Obama earlier this year and their chat reveals unique insights into a Presidential campaign, from a wife, mother, and woman’s perspective.

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Part of good critical thinking is exercising your ability not just to point out the weaknesses in your opponent but their strengths. This and more sentimental issues help us compare and contrast Senators McCain and Obama.

Good clip.

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