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First a supposed admission by Sarah Palin, now this.

Is this really the reason? Assuming it is really the reason, would that be the the reason why they went to Iraq in the first place, or are they only in it now since they don’t trust what the U.S. will do in Iraq?

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I have heard of this conspiracy theory years ago. Now it’s on youtube. With all the hearsay conspiracy theories subsequently being documented on the web, I wonder how the U.S. will weather all the news. I tell you, people are just starting to talk now and they are now beginning to blame each other. Respectable Americans are now coming out and even asking to sell U.S. assets. How much lower will the U.S. economy go?

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and here is even another supposed admission by another government


WOW – for the V.P. nominee to be questioning the motivation of America’s participation in the Iraq War while proclaiming its merits at the Republican Convention that ‘its all about terrorism’… gasp. And she is sitting there questioning this, and in the same breath sending her son over there for that purpose??

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