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Vampires and Jesus

Nearly neglected this bit over the weekend:

Top 10 List Why Jesus and Vampires are Alike

1. Loosely based on historical figures
2. The tale gets passed on from generation to generation, each time adding a twist to the original tale until it becomes larger than life.
3. Very popular in pop-culture. Every year or so, there’s bound to be another re-hashed movie or best-seller about him. Ranges from the teeny-bopper, “cool” versions popular with younger crowd to the bloodier, more R-rated versions. 4. Anne Rice wrote a book about him.
5. Came back from the grave as an immortal undead with super-powers 6. Can’t enter uninvited into your house (or heart)
7. Allergic to crosses, prefers not to be impaled with or into woody stuff but in the official storyline gets staked anyway.
8. Likes to be called “prince”, though one prefers the moniker of “prince of peace”, the other likes the title “prince of darkness”.
9. Keeps flying critters as pets which usually come out on special occasions or when specifically summoned. One like doves, the other prefers bats.
10. Has his own rabid fan-base. Don’t mess with his fans, they can appear to be all nice and normal, but watch out when they bare their fangs. They will defend him to the death.

How about “Top 10 List Why Vampire Lore is like Christianity”? Check out Filipino Freethinkers to find out.

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In 2007, Discovery Channel aired a controversial documentary about a lost tomb alleged to be the historical tomb of Christ. I’ve posted this fascinating film here.

The documentary was produced by James Cameron (Titanic fame), and was blasted by critics (shall I say Christian critics) as a Hollywood attempt at religious profiteering. Defamer writes:

Though derided (or celebrated, we suppose, depending on your perspective) as “archaeo-porn,” the James Cameron-produced documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which makes the kinds of whimsically blasphemous claims (you know, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, had a kid, etc etc) that so delight Christian groups already predisposed to think that televisions are devilboxes that flicker with programs broadcast directly from the thorny member of Beezelebub himself, was quietly a big hit for Discovery Channel on Sunday night. 

By the way, just for everyone’s info, The Lost Tomb adds to the ever growing list of documentaries and short films I have amassed in my blog. Check out my Image Therapy webpage for more thought-provoking videos.

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