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Can faith coexist with reason? What is the nature of evil? Such deep philosophical themes, you wouldn’t expect it to be the topic of an animated film for children.

When I was a young child, I saw a movie that I enjoyed immensely: The Flight of Dragons. Produced in 1982, it was a fantasy animated movie about dragons, wizards, and magic.

The plot is set sometime during the 10th century, when the four wizards of the world gather to address the spreading influence of science. The resulting events are both entertaining and thought-provoking, as well as rich with allusion and reference–for a children’s movie. What I didn’t fully realize when I first saw the movie as a child is that the story of the movie explored philosophical themes deeper than a young kid like me could appreciate: themes like the dichotomy between reason (science) and belief (magic), the balance between good and evil, and the fabric of the universe.

Now many years later, I have the opportunity to present this fantastic movie again here on the internet.

Check out the film here.

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J.J. Abrams traces his love of the unseen mystery — the heart of Alias, Lost, and the upcoming Cloverfield — back to its own magical beginnings, which may or may not include an early obsession with magic, the love of a supportive grandfather, or his own unopened Mystery Box.

One of Abrams’ interesting insights: Mystery is the catalyst for imagination. There are times that mystery is more important than knowledge.

It’s that sense of infinite possibility that drives human curiosity, and inspires man to expand his awareness of the universe. However, on the flipside of that argument: is that man’s love for mystery can blind him from the truth–and forces man to cling to myths.

Wonderful insights from this talk from TED.

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