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Atheist, evolutionist, professor Richard Dawkins embarks on a journey to plumb the depths of organized religion–from radical Islamics, to Jewish Rabbis, to Evangelicals and Fundamentalist Christians, to moderate Anglicans.

He examines the reasons why organized faiths continue to thrive in these modern times and the attack of religion against rational thought and science. He also studies how religious fanaticism can be traced and related to terrorism and human atrocities.

Join Professor Dawkins’ journey here.

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Jonathan Miller draws a very sober discussion of organized religion and atheism, and of how belief and disbelief have danced with each other over human history. His work is an interesting study of the power of ideas and how human beliefs (and disbeliefs) have shaped the course of civilization over the centuries.

And Miller focuses on the thought that disbelief (i.e. atheism) can just be as closed minded as blind faith.

Check out Miller’s work here.

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