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The exorcism took place in a hospital where she had gone for cardiac problems, said Archbishop of Calcutta Henry D’Souza. The archbishop himself had been hospitalized at the same facility and shared the same doctor as Mother Teresa.

He said he noticed that while Mother Teresa was calm during the day, at night she appeared “extremely agitated.” D’Souza said Mother Teresa would pull off wires and other monitoring equipment stuck to her body.

He said that is when he believed Mother Teresa “might be under the attack of the evil one.” He offered to arrange for an exorcism for the elderly nun. She agreed.

“So I said let’s do the prayer of exorcism over her. So I called one of the priests who was a holy man in Calcutta,” D’Souza said. “I told him, ‘Please say the prayer of exorcism over Mother Teresa.’ And he got a shock and said, ‘Shall I pray and should I drive out the devil if it’s there?'”

“I said, ‘Yes, you do.’ But he says, ‘What will the devil do to me?’ I said to him, ‘You command the devil to go if he’s there. In the name of the church, as archbishop, I command you to go and do it.'”

After the exorcism was over, the archbishop said Mother Teresa “slept like a baby.”

Let’s get straight to the point. If you heard of this story and you did not know that the person was Mother Teresa, would you consider the victim as being tested by God, or as being punished by God.

Let’s be frank about it. Some conservative religious groups will cherry pick. If the victim practices witchcraft, it is her fault for inviting the devil, but if it is a religious woman from the same religion, they will say that her faith is being tested. How is that conclusion derived at? These people who are so loyal to their religion may be impressing their peers in the same religion for their views and steadfast loyalty, but doing themselves a disservice by letting their rational mind go to waste. You say, God shall reward them from their loyalty? You wish. Please, if you don’t use your brain, you will lose it. The brain is like a muscle of the body. It actually gets better with use.


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Earlier, Doc had written about intuition being a source of knowledge. Now how about mysticism, isn’t it a source of knowledge, and is it related or the same as intuition?


Mysticism (from the Greek μυστικός, an initiate of a mystery religion, μυστήρια meaning “initiation[1]) is the pursuit of achieving communion, identity with, or conscious awareness of ultimate reality, the Other, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, or insight.”

I would say that mysticism is a form of intuition in the pursuit of achieving awareness of ultimate reality. For theists, this ultimate reality would probably be god. For non-theists, this would probably be some ultimate reality which is answerable by science. For non-theists which believe in spirituality, this would be the knowledge of universal laws such as karma.

Intuition is like this gut feel or knowing which one may experience even without any process of rational thinking. Although it is known that there is no rational process involved in garnering information, some people assume that intuition is always correct. This usually happens in cases where religion is involved and when intuitive experience is re-labled as a mystical experience. Combine this ‘mystical’ experience with ‘authority’ and you have information which is supposed to be infallible. This information is sometimes stated to be a ‘message from God’. If all these mystical experiences were true, then why are the different religions saying different things. Religions can’t make up their mind if god is monotheistic or polytheistic. They can’t even make up their mind if God is personal or impersonal.

I myself have been intuitive for quite a time and a mentor of mine used to tell me that one should always validate information one derives from intuition. Not all information taken from intuition is true, just like not all information which comes from authority(another source of knowledge) is true.

Let us pit males versus females. Which gives you better information, the rationality of men or female intuition of women. As you see not all information from women’s intuition is true due to possible biases and moods. Until one has a very good track record of having good intuition, one had better rely on their rational mind first.

Whether the mystical experience came from God or not is out of the question, simply because one can not possibly know if the information also came from God. The idea it came from God is also based on the persons intuition.

The big question is, then why do some people claim that the mystical experience came from God, and why do so many believe it.

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