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Those who have seen the movie “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” might be hard-pressed to know that the old man played by Brad Pitt was not achieved through multiple actors, nor makeup, but by cutting-edge digital effects.

Ed Ulbrich, an animator and digital effects expert, shares his experience in creating Benjamin Button, as well as the fantastic technology used to create an aged Brad Pitt.

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Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, futurist, and entrepreneur who talks about the startling progress of technology. He tracks technology across human history and points to a trend of acceleration evident in the development of technology.

Kurzweil likens the development of technology to an evolutionary process, which it shares with biology. Arguably evolution was initially purely biological, taking millions of years, then tens of thousands of years. Once homo sapiens evolved then technological evolution began, and is happening at an even faster rate than biological evolution.

The surprise is that despite the chaotic processes that lead to the development of technology, the trend of growth follows a very smooth trend. He presents a theoretical exponential curve along which technology develops, and using this curve what kind of technologies we can expect to have in the very near future.

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This excerpt from Zeitgeist Addendum illustrates the ideological fallacy that is the democracy that can exist within a monetary system.

Politics is only the top-level visibility of the manipulative system put in place to consolidate resources in the hands of the elite.

Considering the emerging goof that is the Republican ticket (i.e. Beauty Queen – Cancer Survivor tandem), the idea of politics being a farce meant to entertain the masses is not too far-fetched.

The film continues to present that more than politics, religion, and money–the real panacea for humanity’s ills is: technology. Technology is solely responsible for humanity’s hyper-development over history.

Check out the full movie Zeitgeist Addendum here.

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