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Filipina Scammers


Here is the new Pointman Cebu Rogue’s Gallery, our our very own Scam Artists Central. These are girls, without a doubt, who have proven themselves to be scam artists, by meeting up with a possible (and genuine) mate online, and then kindly separating these unsuspecting, and sometimes a bit naive folks from their money.

The reason we have listed these girls here, rather than on the “Cases” page, is due to the fact that we have obtained large amounts of additional proof from various different government agencies (and other reliable sources), in order to prove true intent to scam our clients, on their part. These are more “professional” scammers, than the typical cases we have conducted, and have placed on our cases page.

Additionally, these scam artists are helping to destroy the faith others have in people throughout the world. When you meet someone online, and you are a genuine person in your heart, it is a horrible thing to be used by the person on the other end of your internet connection. You feel in your heart, they are the “one” for you. However, the only “one” in their minds, are the “one-hundreds” they can steal from you.

And how much did they scam?


PMC Case Date: 12/12/2007

Amount lost: Approximately $8,000 USD, plus

Name: Jackelyn Cainday

DOB: 11/9/1977 – Not confirmed


PMC Case Date: 08/30/2004

Amount lost: Approximately $8,000 – $10,000 USD

Name: Jelly Mae Sumagang

DOB: 05/20/1966


PMC Case Date: 10/11/2004

Amount lost: Approximately $5,000 USD

Name: Jovenyl Entienza Mangyao

DOB: May 30, 1984

A lot of Filipina scammers don’t need fancy computer skills to spam foreigners, all they need really is to chat with them and concoct of some fake sob story.


I gave her money before i met her, she told me how she did not eat very good food, so I wanted her and her son to eat better. Then her “bad luck” started, I will try and list the problems she had.

Her son got a kidney infection. Hospital stay and medication. She got dengue fever. hospital stay and medication. Because she was sick and in the hospital she fell behind on rent, 2500php for the room.

By this time I was a walking ATM machine with bi weekly withdraws.

My visit was from October 5 to 14, it was after that she would have an emergency every week. Her veggie stand was broke into and they stole all her capital. Of course I’ll help you, you love me.

<Her son> needs English lessons @ 4000php a month (full time wage for part time teaching). She got evicted from her room, so i agreed to rent her a house for 5000php a month. I had to furnish the house, dining table chairs, couch, TV, queen bed, air-con for bedroom refrigerator. I think i gave her over $1000 just for this.

Overnight trip to CDO to get her birth certificate. Lies I am sure. While in CDO at her aunts house, the mp3 player I got for her is stolen. <Her son> gets bit by a dog. Rabies shots that cost way too much. 3, then 4 of them.

Her Lolo is sick and in hospital, he can pay all but 8000php of his bill, lolo will pay me back in January when he sells a lot in town.

Her trip to Cebu is where she got robbed.

It is really such a pity when Filipinas resort to such things. To think, sometimes the amount they ask is practically loose change from a foreigner. If I were a foreigner or even a Filipino living abroad, I really wouldn’t mind helping out a poor Filipina who keeps me company over the webcam regularly to relieve me from my problems and stress. And no, I will not ask sex from her.

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