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The following article is no way made to convince you to be “spiritual but not religious. It was made to allow you to understand them and the way they “think”. A lot of atheists and theists as well consider spirituality and religiosity the same thing. A growing number of people however have considered the two words different and claim that they are “spiritual but not religious”.

If you are fond of visiting internet forums which discuss religion, spirituality or even atheism, you have probably heard of the following question, “what do you call people who believe in god, but do not subscribe to any specific organized religion”. Then the post gets a lot of answers, deist, agnostic, etc. Some will even say that those people do not exist. Actually, I believe that the proper term for this is “spiritual, but not religious”.


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Satish Kumar’s article on the guardian “Worshipping The Wrong God” is an interesting take on the present financial crisis, with a refreshing ethical and spiritual approach:

It amazes me to see that the great economists, industrialists, business leaders and politicians have even forgotten the true meaning of economy. They only think in terms of profit maximisation, whereas the true economy means good housekeeping; proper management of all aspects of the home. The criterion of good house management is to ensure that all the members of the household are living in harmony with each other and the place. Money is only a means to a good economy, not the economy itself.

Banks and business leaders, politicians and economists are looking for economic recovery, hoping to go back to business as usual: the good old days of growth without limit, consumption without restraint and profit without principles. From a spiritual perspective economy is good economy only when it is in harmony with ecology, ethics and equity. Day and night we chant the mantra of economy while our ecology is in ruins, our ethics shelved and our principles of justice are put on the back-burner.

Kumar statements highlight first the obvious issue:

There are two roads to economic recovery: the first option is to bail out the banks and fuel consumerism,

the second option is to think holistically, to invest in land and agriculture, in renewable energy and practical skills

But at the same time, he poses the deeper, neglected question to us:

But how do we choose the right answer without some guiding values? Such values can be none other than moral, ethical and spiritual.

Ah that word: “moral”–notice how it scares people into not thinking. But very brave and inspiring words Satish. We definitely agree.

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In a previous documentary, Richard Dawkins examined organized faiths such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, their roots, and their congregations.

In a second instalament, Dawkins turns his critical eye on organized superstitions such as astrology, psychics, new age, and sprituality.

These ideas greatly influence modern society and sway people against rational thought.

Check out Dawkins’ further journey here.

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